Nuova Fibra hair treatment

Nuova Fibra hair treatment
There comes a time when you notice with concern your hair in various places in your apartment. Instead of on your head, it appears on the dance floor, on your brush, in the bathtub, clogging up the shower, on the couch or in bed.

If you are looking for a way to regenerate hair that is damaged, want to prevent it from falling out, strengthen it from the roots then we encourage you to visit Natural Beauty salon in Gdansk for Nuova Fibra treatment. Professional hairdressing brand Kemon offers a very effective hair restoration treatment for the head of hair.


To understand why we lose hair, I suggest looking at the causes.
The structure of the hair is deceptively similar to the appearance of a plant stem. It consists of two parts: a basic inner stem and an outer sheath made of overlapping keratin layers. When these layer scales break and disintegrate then the inner part of the hair is deprived of protection and is subjected to destruction.

We will outline in this article the most common causes of hair breakage and loss.

1. diet – Everyone is familiar with the saying that “you are what you eat.” Many of the ingredients in our menus help hair grow and prevent it from damage. Make sure your daily diet is rich in: zinc, iron, folic acid, protein and antioxidants.

2 – Stress – is it, to make your life a bed of roses? There is now a lot of evidence pointing to a link between strong emotions of stress and crushing, graying or hair loss. Stress puts hair follicles to sleep, resulting in their slow death.

3. dryness – dry hair is a sign of damage and breakage. It is also caused by dry weather, low humidity and excessive heat.

4. Heat damage – to get a satisfactory hairstyle you use a hair dryer, straightener or curling iron with high and spot heat. However, when you use these tools improperly or too often it is at your own request that you damage your hair under extreme temperatures.

5. excessive washing – If you have oily skin, it is certain that there will be excessive sebum production in the scalp. This forces you to wash your hair more often than necessary.

6. elastic hair elastics – This is an essential item to keep hair out of your face. The problem with them is that they pull the skin and tear the outer structure of the hair coatings. You may even notice that some hair falls out every time you untangle the “ponytail.”

7. No trimming – trimming the ends helps keep hair healthy. We suggest a visit to a Natural Beauty hair salon every 6-8 weeks. Even when you are in the process of growing your hair, trimming damaged ends is mandatory and can certainly prevent further split ends.

8 Hypothyroidism (thyroid disease) occurs when the thyroid gland does not produce enough hormones. Although the thyroid gland itself is small in size, it plays an important role in maintaining a properly functioning body. Its proper work is responsible for proper metabolism, heart rate and even hair growth. People with hypothyroidism may notice excessive damage and hair loss, especially during hot showers. If you have dry, damaged hair, sudden weight gain and depression, contact your doctor to have your thyroid checked.

9. Eating disorders – If you have a bias against healthy food and eat anything on a meal, a possible side effect of this is weakened hair. This is especially true for eating disorders that cause malnutrition, such as anorexia and bulimia. In such cases, hair follicles lack the nutrients they need to produce new hair, and the process stops altogether. Nutritional disorders can lead to even more serious consequences and require treatment.

Hair breakage is frustrating. The good news is that most of the causes of weakened hair can be remedied with lifestyle changes and the Nouva Fibra treatment at Natural Beauty Salon in Gdansk, Poland.

The treatment at our hair salon consists of several steps. After thoroughly washing the hair with Nuova Fibra Shampoo, we apply a serum and mask from the Nuova Fibra Cosmetics (BCC) series. After thoroughly drying the hair, we apply another product Nuova Fibra Cream. The hair regains its shine, but 3-4 more treatments are needed for the full effect.