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Natural Beauty

Hair and beauty salon Natural Beauty in Gdansk is a place from which you will leave positively transformed. Gaining in grace and femininity.

For more than a dozen years of operation of the salon in Gdansk, we have developed our own effective style of caring for and creating beauty for our customers. We are committed to bringing out and highlighting the natural beauty from every woman. Thanks to the opinions of our clients, we have built a strong brand and market credibility. This is the best guarantee of the high competence of our team. We offer a wide range of beauty treatments to professionally take care of hairstyle, face, body and nails.

Our salon specializes in hair coloring and aesthetic medicine and cosmetology treatments. Our stylists enchant with scissors and cosmetics, preparing unique haircuts and beauty-enhancing coloring. We also provide professional advice on hair and scalp care. and creative haircuts. Our offer also includes a wide range of cosmetic treatments for the face and body – including rejuvenating, nurturing and beautifying treatments. Skin care for our clients is at the highest level.

For many years we have been paying attention to the quality and origin of all preparations used in our salon. We want cosmetics to be in line with our philosophy of life – “cruelty free”  – that is, manufacturers do not subject their cosmetics, or their ingredients or raw materials included in their composition, to animal testing. Thanks to dermatological expertise, it is already possible today to extract natural active substances from organic crops and extract the most active molecule from them in such a way as to be guaranteed effective, while remaining tolerant to the skin. We work with CF-certified products and high-end medical equipment.We care about our clients and the planet.

We also perform depilation, eye frame styling-powder henna and lamination, nail styling and facial rejuvenation through aesthetic medicine treatments. But above all, it’s about enhancing beauty in a subtle way, relaxing and building self-confidence. At our Natural Beauty salon in Gdansk, you can buy cosmetics from many respected companies and get advice from a cosmetologist.

We invite you to our new salon, which is located in Gdansk Letnica at Letnicka Street 2/7. Cars can be left in the parking lot in front of the premises – parking is free. For customers we always have delicious coffee, good press and access to WiFi.