Platelet rich plasma Gdańsk - aesthetic vampire lift

Platelet-rich plasma is an innovative procedure that uses natural substances present in the patient's own blood to stimulate the skin's regenerative processes. At the Clinic in Gdansk, we offer this modern solution that rejuvenates, improves skin texture and reduces numerous imperfections.

Podstawowe informacje

Duration: 60 minut

Price: from 500 zł

Indications for platelet rich plasma treatment

In aesthetic medicine, PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) is used to revitalize the skin, especially areas such as the face, neck and décolleté, reducing wrinkles and improving skin density. Moreover, the treatment supports mesotherapy therapy, promoting skin renewal, including areas affected by acne scars or loss of elasticity.

  • Acne and acne scars.
  • Signs of skin aging (wrinkles, loss of firmness).
  • Unevenness and pigmentation changes.
  • Sun damage to the skin.

Effects of aesthetic medicine treatment with platelet-rich plasma

Outside the field of aesthetic medicine, platelet-rich plasma is used in orthopedics to help tissue regeneration processes, especially in the case of sports injuries, such as injuries to the Achilles tendon in athletes or tennis players. The action of plasma is not only to stimulate collagen production, but also to promote angiogenesis, i.e. the formation of new blood vessels, which promotes better blood supply to tissues and accelerates regenerative processes.

  • Improve skin elasticity and firmness.
  • Reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Reduction of hyperpigmentation and improvement of skin tone.
  • Reduction of acne scars.

Platelet rich plasma in Gdansk - the procedure course

  1. Platelet-rich plasma treatment in Gdansk, Poland, is a comprehensive process that uses a valuable ingredient in the patient’s blood to regenerate the skin and improve its condition. Note that the price of platelet-rich plasma treatment may vary depending on the area and type of treatment.
    1. Consultation with a specialist – the patient has a consultation with a qualified aesthetic medicine doctor at the Clinic in Gdansk, who assesses the indications for the procedure.
    2. Preparation of the area for blood draw – prior to the procedure, the appropriate area on the patient’s body is prepared for the painless draw of a small amount of blood.
    3. Drawing blood from the patient – the staff draws a small amount of blood, using a single needle to apply it to the platelet-rich plasma procedure.
    4. Separation of the plate let-rich plasma – the patient’s collected blood is centrifuged to separate the platelet-rich plasma from other blood components.
    5. Application of the plasma to the skin – the platelet concentrate, or platelet-rich plasma, is then applied to the skin by injection or micropuncture.
    6. Attention to patient comfort – to minimize discomfort, local anesthesia, such as EMLA cream, may be used.
    7. Completion of the procedure – the treated area is disinfected, and the patient is given recommendations for skin care after the procedure.
    8. Follow-up and recommendations after the procedure – the specialist provides the patient with information on the expected effects and recommendations for further care.

Contraindications to the procedure

What are the contraindications to the procedure?

  • Pregnancy and lactation period.
  • Blood diseases.
  • Inflammatory conditions of the skin in the treatment area.
  • Uncontrolled diabetes mellitus.

Platelet rich plasma Gdansk – price.

Platelet-rich plasma is available at a price starting at 500 PLN. The cost may depend on the number of batches to be injected, but the basic price is 500 PLN.


+ What are the main advantages of platelet-rich plasma treatment?
This treatment stimulates skin regeneration, improving its elasticity and firmness. In addition, it reduces the appearance of wrinkles and aids in the treatment of scars.
+ Is the platelet-rich plasma treatment painful?
Typically, the procedure is well tolerated by patients. There may be mild discomfort, but often the use of local anesthesia can reduce any pain.
+ Platelet-rich plasma Gdansk - opinions about the procedure. What are they?
Platelet-rich plasma treatment enjoys positive reviews, often cited as an effective method for improving skin elasticity, reducing wrinkles and revitalizing the complexion.