The best hairdresser in Gdansk - ladies' haircuts. Book an appointment at the hair salon now!

Are you dreaming of the perfect haircut that will highlight your natural beauty better than anything else? Our exclusive salon in the heart of the Tri-City is the place where your hair will get a unique shine. A good men's or women's hairdresser is a person who perfectly understands what a modern woman needs. Let us take care of your appearance in a way that emphasizes your individuality and makes you feel special. Are you interested in quality hairdressing services? Would you like to sign up for a consultation with a professional hairdresser? Choose our salon and book an appointment now!

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Duration: 60 minutes

Price: from 120 PLN

Women's haircut - course. Professional women's hairdresser Gdansk

Every visit to our salon is a unique experience that will allow you to get away from everyday life and focus solely on yourself. We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed from the moment you walk through our threshold. Let our professional staff take care of every detail, providing you with unforgettable moments of relaxation and beauty. Your Hair, Our Passion!

What does a visit to a good hair salon look like? What can you expect from a good hairdresser in Gdansk? You have come to the right place! We rank high in the ranking of the best hairdressers!

  • Consultation with an experienced hairdresser:
    • Our qualified hairdresser will take the time to listen to your expectations and ideas about your hairstyle to find the perfect solution together.
  • Personalized care:
    • With carefully selected hair care products, we ensure that your hair will be in perfect condition, regardless of its type or texture.
  • Professional haircuts:
    • Our team of hairdressers is known for their precision and creativity, so you can be sure to leave our salon with the haircut of your dreams.
  • Styling:
    • At the end of your visit, we will give you a professional styling that will enhance the beauty of your hair and make you feel special.

Best women's hairdresser Gdansk. What will be the results of a visit to our hair salon?

At our exclusive hair salon, we aim to offer not just a women’s haircut service, but a true journey to the beauty and health of your hair. Our philosophy is based on naturalness, attention to detail and individual approach to each client.

After your visit, you can expect not only a perfectly styled hairstyle, but also deep conditioning and revitalization of your hair. Our experienced specialists use good, high-quality products so that your hair is full of shine and soft to the touch.

However, our services don’t just end with the haircut itself – we also offer advice on hair care at home. We’ll be happy to tell you how to take care of your hair to keep it looking fresh and beautiful even between salon visits.

Look no further! Book an appointment at our salon, where we will not only transform your hairstyle, but also make your hair full of life, health and natural beauty. Discover how we can highlight the uniqueness of your hair and make it reflect your natural beauty.

Whether you’re interested in a haircut, hair modeling or hair coloring, see how we can help you. What do you gain by making an appointment at our salon?

  • Beautiful hairstyle – expect not just a haircut, but a true metamorphosis that will highlight your individuality.
  • Nourished hair – our experienced hairdressers use high-quality products to make your hair shiny and healthy.
  • Softness and flexibility – we will make sure that your hair is not only beautiful, but also soft to the touch and flexible.
  • Personalized care – you will not only receive a haircut, but also home care tips to keep the look fresh.

Natural beauty – our philosophy is based on enhancing your natural beauty, which will make you feel special.

A good women’s hairdresser? Gdansk can offer you a lot! What are the most popular services you can choose from?

Are you interested in high-quality hairdressing? Are you looking for a good hair salon? Do you want to put yourself in the hands of only the best specialists in your field? You have come to the perfect place! What services can we recommend to you? Take a look at our price list!

  1. Haircut with modeling – From PLN 120 (Duration: 60 minutes). Our experienced stylists will take care not only of precise cutting, but also of modeling, which will emphasize the individual features of your hair. We will arrange an unforgettable hairstyle for you, creating striking shapes and lines.
  2. Haircut + gray hair retouching – PLN 120 (Duration: 60 minutes). Do you want to keep the natural color of your hair and at the same time hide the first signs of gray hair? Choose the option of a haircut with gray hair retouching. In one hour we will refresh your hairstyle, making you look young and radiant.
  3. Fringe cut – PLN 20 (Duration: 10 minutes). If you’re dreaming of a fresh look and a change, add character to your hairstyle with a fringe cut. This is a quick option that will give a new look to your hairstyle.


+ What are the most popular services offered by our hair salon?
In our salon, you can enjoy a variety of services such as hair modeling, air touch, keratin hair straightening, facial treatments, haircuts, and many more, tailored to your needs. We are ready to meet the requirements of even the most demanding.
+ How to book an appointment at our hair salon in Gdansk?
Booking an appointment is easy and convenient! You can book online through the Booksy platform, ensuring a convenient appointment in just a few moments.
+ Why take advantage of DNA Protection Therapy services at our salon?
Our intensive DNA Protection Therapy treatment offers not only a powerful antioxidant effect, but also comprehensive protection for healthy-looking hair from the ground up.