Spray tanning

The season for a natural tan on a hot Sopot beach is over, but the demand for a beautiful bronze still continues. Such a warm skin tone is desirable among ladies who want to look healthy and sexy. But after the summer season in Poland, achieving this effect is possible thanks to the spray tanning method.


Spray tanning at Natural Beauty salon is one of the safest methods to achieve a natural tan. What does it look like? This method involves spraying the body with the power of a special gun with the appropriate dye. A thin layer of dye covers the skin and gives it the right color. The dyes themselves do not cause irritation or allergies. It is also safe for pregnant women. The effect is fixed after just a few minutes and lasts for about 10 days.


For a proper and striking appearance, proper skin care before as well as after the procedure counts. It is not always possible to take advantage of such technology. If there are skin problems, open wounds, eczema, allergies and asthma beforehand, you should let go of the procedure and wait a few days. Note that the day before the procedure itself, the body should be depilated. Then thoroughly clean the pores and make yourself a scrub removing old skin. This is important so as not to lead to streaks and streaks during the shower. Such a side effect occurs when there was another substance (cream, antiperspirant) on the skin that was not cleaned.


Do not apply creams or lotions to your body before the treatment itself. The dye correlates with dry and clean skin. No foundation or makeup is allowed on the face. The treatment is performed in a special booth naked or in disposable panties.


After the treatment, remember not to bathe too intensively. Do not rub off the paint with a sponge or other bathing accessories. To prolong the effect of the tan we use gentle lotions and oil the skin. In the Natural Beauty salon, the treatment of “Spray tanning” is carried out in special conditions with the participation of a trained team, maintaining all the rules of cleanliness and hygiene.