Natural Beauty session of our client

“Natural Beauty” series photos are, in other words, close-up portrait photos showing facial details, makeup and hairstyle. We focus primarily on highlighting the natural beauty of the photographed person.

The photo session was taken in our salon in Gdansk by photographer Krzysztof Witecki.

The amazing effect in the photo consists of the work of the entire salon team, which brought out and emphasized the natural beauty of the client. Ms. Alexandra-customer of the Natural Beauty salon had previously had cleansing treatments, eyebrows and eyelash adjustment. Before the session itself, we refreshed the hair color and made a proper hairstyle. Then a delicate makeup was created to emphasize the subtle beauty of the young girl.

With this session we wanted to show how important it is to regularly take care of your face and body. For consultations, we invite you to visit our specialists at the Natural Beauty salon in Gdansk.