Botox for hair

Botox application can be performed on the hair to provide regeneration and wellness. Botox for hair becomes popular after the summer season, when hair is matted by the wind and summer sun. As much as 90% of all hair requires post-season restoration. Such professional treatment “Jean Paul Myne Thermo Repair” can be done at Natural Beauty salon in Gdansk.



The task of Botox is to rebuild the damaged structure of hair. After applying nutrients (in the form of collagen, hyaluronic acid, nanospheres of microscopic encapsulated ceramides) into self-prepared cosmetics, regeneration and replenishment of defects between the cortex and cuticle of the hair takes place. The regenerating substance itself does not damage the hair and does not weaken it. After performing the entire 60-minute process, the hair gains shine, becomes soft yet strong, flexible and pleasant to the touch. Their color is more pronounced and shiny. Such a professional treatment is completely non-invasive and we perform it by prior appointment at our Natural Beauty salon in Gdansk.

Botox hair application treatment is dedicated to any person with weak and damaged hair. Especially in autumn, when after summer our hair is severely weakened, sun-dried and damaged by salt sea water. In general, there are no contraindications for the seasons.

The entire process takes 40 minutes and at Natural Beauty salon in Gdansk we divide it into four important stages:

a very thorough, double and comfortable hair wash. Here we use a dedicated shampoo, whose task is to slightly tilt the scales of the hair. Thanks to this process, nutrients can absorb into the internal structure of the hair.
Applying a serum to improve the condition of the hair. After lightly drying the hair with paper towels, we proceed with a syringe to apply Botox.
the next stage is a 40-minute application of a hand-prepared mask to the hair.
The last stage to the delight of the client, Selfi session and posting photos of new and beautiful hair on Instagram.

The effect of Botox treatment lasts for several months. After the procedure, it is advisable to wash the hair every 3-4 days. All the time you should take special care of your hair and use appropriate shampoos. All information will provide you with our trained team of hairdressers: Aleksandra and Karina from Natural Beauty in Gdansk.