Aesthetic Medicine

Azzalure Botox – is a highly potent natural toxin that causes inhibition of the release of acetylcholine – a neurotransmitter responsible for the transmission of impulses between nerves and muscles. Botulinum toxin works by blocking the connections between nerve endings and the muscles they innervate. Azzalure Botox is equally effective in men and women. Azzalure Botox is used in medicine to treat a variety of conditions like strabismus, neurological diseases involving excessive muscle tension, as well as excessive sweating. For the elimination of facial wrinkles, very low concentrations of the toxin are used, which have no effect on other parts of the nervous system except the area where the injection was given. The treatment is safe and not painful.

Injection lipolysis – One of the non-invasive methods of body contouring is injection lipolysis, which results in the elimination of adipose tissue using an innovative substance that causes the breakdown of fat cells. The procedure involves administering the preparation directly into the adipose tissue by injection.The drug extracted from soybeans is administered directly into the adipose tissue. After administration, the lecithin penetrates into the fat cells and causes the breakdown of triglycerides. Lecithin is then transported along with lipoproteids to the liver, where the breakdown of fats and their excretion from the body takes place. The treatment is safe and requires no preparation or recovery time, and its effectiveness has been confirmed in numerous studies.

Platelet-rich plasma – is gaining popularity in aesthetic medicine due to its excellent results and great safety. The procedure carries no immunological risk. It is one of the safest, most natural aesthetic treatments for our body. We can use platelet-rich plasma mesotherapy for hair loss therapy, for skin strengthening and rejuvenation. The program of cell biostimulation with platelet-rich plasma is based on using the body’s ability to regenerate. This happens through the action of the body’s own growth factors and stem cells contained in the plasma. By administering platelet-rich plasma, we stimulate the body’s own cells by giving them a signal for renewal and revitalization.

Lip augmentation and shaping – with hyaluronic acid at Natural Beauty salon is a safe procedure that allows us to give the lips a full shape. We can both enhance and enlarge the lips more, as well as more firmly define the contour and cupid’s bow. We want the lips to look nice and natural after the procedure. This procedure is very popular among our patients. Our specialists have extensive experience in lip augmentation and shaping procedures.

Profhilo – is a rejuvenating treatment. The youth molecule contained in the preparation is used to model flabby skin and restore facial contours lost by the passing of time. Skin aging is a natural process, involving a decrease in the biological activity of the body’s cells and a slowdown in regenerative processes. As we age, the skin begins to lose its elasticity and resilience. Although this is an inevitable process, it can be significantly delayed, and its consequences can be effectively combated, thanks to the latest advances in aesthetic medicine.

PRX T33 – is an innovative method of chemical skin biorevitalization, used in many dermatological problems and in the fight against the effects of skin aging. The treatment combines lifting and rejuvenating, cleansing and whitening properties. PRX T33 can be performed on people of any age and at any time of the year. The peel does not contain photosensitizing substances.