Actyva Bio hair care

Hair care and styling are activities that we spend a lot of time on during the day. And if we choose the right preparations, the hair will return the favor with a beautiful appearance, shine and wonderful volume. At our Natural Beauty salon, we use the Actyva Bio line. These are natural and organic products with balanced composition, created in harmony with nature.


Kemon is an Italian manufacturer with a long tradition in the beauty industry. It has its own farms, allowing them to grow and enrich their own crops of medicinal plants. A 20-hectare piece of land for organic farming has allowed them to study the plants for their properties for years. And so, mullein, blanket, flax and chamomile are durable, hardy plants that don’t need a lot of water, while at the same time perfectly softening and soothing the strands and scalp. Development and openness in the “green cosmetics” sector allows us to continue to develop products that comply with the requirements of Cosmos Organic biological products.

The Actyva line of cosmetics are organic and certified hair, scalp and body care products. The line consists of components that are appropriately adapted to a particular hair type.

  • Nutrizione – designed for dry hair
  • Discipline – for curly and frizzy hair
  • Colore Brillante – for colored hair
  • Volume e corposite – for thin hair

The first line of professional organic cosmetics, certified Cosmos Organic, enriched with a patented formula of phytocomplexes, containing up to 97% naturally derived ingredients and up to 86% certified organic ingredients, which are enclosed in recycled plastic packaging. Kemon cosmetics are close to our folosophy of supporting the ecological balance of the world. Remember – Optimal hair care and styling can solve many problems related to the condition of the scalp and hair. We invite you to the new Natural Beauty salon in Gdansk, where ladies Karina and Ola will carry out treatments dedicated to your hair type.